Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rehearsal 4: "Which Side Are You On?"

Tonight due to availability of actors, we made a leap from 1792 to 1954 for the first rehearsal of the later cycle "Which Side Are You On" and more than a few questions arose. Most of which shall be answered this weekend.

What are coal royalties?

They're in the cycle "Which Side Are You On?" (1954)

They're in the news. They're in private contracts. They're in government policy. But what the heck are they?

While there is no definitive source for the definition (and Wikipedia, while chock full of info, is editable by anyone and therefore not as reliable as an unchangeable resource) it implies the following:

An amount payable by a lessee to the lessor for removing or consuming coal, requiring the holder of a mining lease to pay a royalty in respect of any mineral removed or consumed from the leased area at an agreed upon rate.


The topic of recent news of a mining accident came up, the point being that no matter how much advancement we may experience as a society, the fact remains that events like this persist. Why? News on the mine owner is particularly parallel-rich. News on mine safety reform also reminds us of the theme of our cycle du jour.


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