Saturday, August 11, 2007

Interesting Links - click on each to go to the site

A trip to the library this weekend should yield many books on Cherokee death beliefs and other unexplored topics - the internet can only go so far :) - all may peruse tomorrow at rehearsal (and I shall copy and share key findings).

In the meantime check these links out - fascinating!

Harlan County and Kentucky's 1st "Exhibition" Coal Mine

Photographic gallery of Hazard and Perry Counties of Kentucky from late 1800's to Present Day with interesting info under "Features" like "The Loss of Community" and a photo journal of early schools under "School Page" and an article from The Hazard Herald 10/24/1918 under the "1918 Flu Epidemic"

Links in the History section of

and btw for those who haven't seen the movie Matewan (produced in the 80's, a John Sayles film) it is definitely one to rent

And don't miss the Timeline of Kentucky Coal by clicking on Kentucky Timeline at this site

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