Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Read-Through

We had our read-through this week! Night one Tuesday at the BCA Plaza Theatre a majority of the actors arrived. Prav measured them and David delivered a comprehensive orientation explaining everything from our casting methodology to comp ticket policy. I said a few words at the end explaining how we had almost 200 people audition for this, and how fortunate we are for the chance to work with such an amazing mix of talented folks. And most importantly, I expressed our excitement and gratitude. David joked how Deirdre and I serve as the warm and fuzzy balance to his style.

We aimed to get through Part 2 - due to the availability of the actors and the bulk of characters in Part 2 vs. Part 1 - but due to the time at the beginning for measuring and orientation, we came up one play shy. Night two at the Lyric we managed to swiftly get through Part 1 and tackle the last play in Part 2 that we had missed Tuesday.

Something happened through the course of reading the plays. Moments of collective laughter, uncomfortable silences, and a sense of a cast beginning to form an ensemble. The read-through was without reading stage directions. Yet in sections where stage directions called for sounds of cheers or rambling questioning by reporters, the cast would partake. A clear ensemble spirit was starting to form already. And this from a group of actors who, any one of them, could and would be seen in a lead role. Here, in this 24-person cast where the speaking role time is far less than a lead role, here was an ensemble in the making.

And that was exciting.

We start working six nights per week on Aug. 5th, tackling a certain play each night. So all the actors do not need to be there all six nights.

This is at once insane and thrilling and a little more than daunting, but in a good WAY:) . I anticipate greatness and believe we will watch it unfold in big and small ways in the weeks and months to come.

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