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Broadway Cast and Awards

Information from IBDB:

The Kentucky Cycle
Royale Theatre, (11/14/1993 - 12/12/1993)
Preview: Nov 3, 1993
Total Previews: 15
Opening: Nov 14, 1993
Closing: Dec 12, 1993
Total Performances: 33
Category: Play, Original, BroadwaySetting: In and around Eastern Kentucky. 1775 - 1975.
Comments: 16 complete, 2-part cycles

The Kentucky Cycle

1994 Tony Award® Best Play

1994 Tony Award® Best Featured Actor in a Play
Gregory Itzin [nominee]

1994 Tony Award® Best Featured Actress in a Play
Jeanne Paulson [nominee]

1994 Drama Desk Award Outstanding Play

1994 Drama Desk Award Outstanding Actor in a Play
Stacy Keach [nominee]

1994 Drama Desk Award Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play
Gregory Itzin [nominee]

1992 Pulitzer Prize for Drama
Written by Robert Schenkkan [winner]

Opening Night Production Credits

Produced by David Richenthal, Gene R. Korf, Roger L. Stevens, Jennifer Manocherian, Annette Niemtzow, Center Theatre Group / Mark Taper Forum (Gordon Davidson, Artistic Director; Charles Dillingham, Managing Director), Intiman Theatre Company and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; Produced in association with Benjamin Mordecai

Written by Robert Schenkkan; Incidental music by Jerome Ragland

Directed by Warner Shook

Scenic Design by Michael Olich; Costume Design by Frances Kenny; Lighting Design by Peter Maradudin; Sound Design by James Ragland

General Manager: Niko Associates, Inc. (Manny Kladitis, Founder and President); Company Manager: Alexander Holt

Production Stage Manager: Joan Toggenburger; Technical Supervisor: Christopher C. Smith; Production Supervisor: Bonnie Panson; Stage Manager: Tracy Crum

Fight direction by Randy Kovitz; Dramaturg: Tom Bryant; Casting: Pat McCorkle; General Press Representative: Jeffrey Richards Associates; Dialect Coach: Judi Dickerson; Advertising: Serino Coyne, Inc.

Opening Night Cast

John Aylward
Dragging Canoe
Joe Talbert (1792)Rebecca's father
Judge Goddard
Patrick Rowen (1861)Jed's grandfather
Union Colonel
Gus Slocum
James Talbert Winston (1954)owner, Blue Star Mining Co.
James Talbert Winston (1975)

Lillian Garrett-Groag
Morning Star (1776)
Star Rowen (1792)
Star (1819)
Julia Anne Talbert (1861)Richard's daughter
Lallie Rowen (1890)Mary Anne's mother
Mother Jones

Gail Grate
Sallie (1792)
Sallie Biggs (1819)
Sureta Biggs (1920)Cassius' wife
Lana TollerJoshua's secretary

Katherine Hiler
Rebecca Talbert (1792)a neighbor
Rose Anne Talbert (1861)Richard's daughter
Mary Anne Rowen (younger) (1890)

Ronald Hippe
Zachariah Rowen (1819)Patrick's son
Randall Talbert (1861)Richard's only son
Carl Dawkins
Joshua Rowen Jackson (1920)son of Mary Anne

Gregory Itzin
Richard Talbert (1861)land owner, son of Jeremiah Talbert
J. T. Wells
Andrew Talbert Winstona mine boss
Sheriff Ray Blanko

Stacy Keach
Michael Rowen (1775)
Michael Rowen (1776)
Michael Rowen (1792)
Ezekiel Rowen (1861) Jed's father
Jed Rowen (1890) Mary Anne's father
Gun Thug
Joshua Rowen (1954)President, UMW District #16
Joshua Rowen (1975)

Ronald William Lawrence
Jessie BiggsSallie's son, also a slave
Cassius Biggs (1920)miner/bootlegger
Franklin Biggs (1954)owner of Biggs & Son
Franklin Biggs (1975)

Scott MacDonald
Patrick Rowen (1792)Michael's son
Patrick Rowen (1819)
Tommy Nolan
Silusa miner
Scott Rowen (1954)son of Joshua and new UMW district field rep

Tuck Milligan
Ezekiel Rowen (1819)Patrick's son
Jed Rowen (1861)
Tommy Jackson (1890)
Abe Steinman
Calvin Hayesa local president in District #16

Randy Oglesby
Earl Tod
Deputy Grey
Sharecropper #1
William Clark Quantrill
Tommy Jackson (1920)husband of Mary Ann
StuckyDistrict #16 security officer

Jeanne Paulson
Joleen Rowen (1861)Jed's mother
Mary Anne Rowen (older) (1890)
Mary Anne Rowen Jackson (1920)
Margaret Rowen (1954)wife of Joshua

Stephen Lee Anderson
Cherokee Warrior
Rebel #2
Chucka local president in District #16

Michael Hartman
Deputy O'Sullivan
Union Soldier #1
Man in the Woods
Grega local president in District #16
Bob SmalleyBlue Star Mine guard

Philip Lehl
Cherokee Warrior
Sharecropper #2

Patrick Page
Cherokee Warrior
Rebel #1
Mackiea miner
Gun Thug
Mikea local president in District #16

Susan Pellegrino

James Ragland
Guitar Player
Banjo Player

Jennifer Rohn

Novel Sholars

Lee Simon, Jr.
Cherokee Warrior
Union Soldier #2
Jefferson Biggs (1954)son of Franklin

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